What Causes Cracks in Concrete?

Concrete is used for many architectural purposes, and for good reason: it’s strong, versatile, low maintenance, and compatible with other materials. It does have one unfortunate flaw; it cracks. Cracks can happen for several reasons, such as deformation, swelling, and temperature change. But another lesser-known problem is moisture freezing and thawing in the pores of the concrete. The freezing and thawing that happens as the seasons change is a big one that can be prevented by regular maintenance.
Concrete is porous and, especially during the winter, will absorb moisture. When this water freezes, it can expand the concrete. This expansion may not immediately cause cracks, but as more and more moisture seeps in and freezes, the pressure builds from the water having nowhere to go. Pressure washing can clear the pores to prevent moisture from building up.
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