The Benefits of Pressure Washing on a Rainy Day

You may be telling yourself that you should wait until the rainy days are done to call in a professional pressure washing company. But that’s not necessarily true! The pros at McFly Pressure Washing know how to make the most out of every day, rain or shine. Of course, we take the safety of our employees and your property very seriously, so there may be conditions that require rescheduling. But light to medium rainfall is beneficial to the cleaning process and makes a pressure washing job easier and more efficient! 

But why would you want to clean in the rain? Let’s talk about that!

1. How does rain affect outdoor surfaces?

Rainwater can transport various unwanted substances, such as dirt, dust, pollen, and other contaminants. As these elements settle on different surfaces around your property, they can gradually form an unattractive layer of grime. Certain surfaces, particularly those constructed from porous materials like concrete or pavers, can be susceptible to staining caused by rainwater. The minerals present in rainwater can leave behind unsightly white, chalky stains known as efflorescence. Getting professional pressure washing after rain helps to eliminate these deposits and restore the cleanliness of your surfaces.

Rain and high humidity create a favorable environment for the growth of mold and mildew. These fungal infestations not only compromise the visual appeal of surfaces but also pose potential health risks. And it’s worth noting that rainwater, especially when combined with dirt and contaminants, can accelerate the deterioration of certain surfaces over time. For instance, if not adequately cleaned and maintained, wooden decks and fences are particularly vulnerable to rot and decay. A professional pressure washing after rain can eliminate harmful substances and safeguard your surfaces, potentially prolonging their lifespan and preserving their structural integrity.

 2. How can rain benefit a pressure washing job?

Rainy days and cloudy skies can be surprisingly helpful to our cleaning detergents. The lack of sunlight slows the evaporation process, allowing the cleaning solution to remain wet longer, allowing us to use less product and work faster. The additional drying time on overcast days also helps to prevent the formation of soap circles, eliminating the need for an extra rinse that may be required on hot, sunny days.

Cloudy skies also offer benefits for our technicians. Have you ever experienced stepping outside on a sunny day and being momentarily blinded by the brightness reflecting off concrete surfaces? Our dedicated technicians diligently observe your surfaces to ensure no spot is missed, which involves closely examining bright surfaces. While the professionals at McFly Pressure Washing are expertly trained to handle various weather conditions, cleaning on cloudy days improves their visibility and reduces the strain on their eyes.

By taking advantage of cloudy weather conditions, we optimize the efficiency of our cleaning solutions and enhance the working environment for our skilled technicians. This allows us to deliver exceptional results while ensuring thoroughness and attention to detail. So, when the clouds roll in, you can rest assured that McFly Pressure Washing is ready to provide top-notch professional service.

3. So, you’re saying that anyone can operate a pressure washer in the rain?

No! Leaving it to the pros is always your best bet. While it may be feasible to perform cleaning in certain rainy conditions, it does not mean it is safe for everyone or every pressure washer out there. Safety precautions are essential to prevent accidents, equipment malfunctions, and property damage. Rain alone can make outdoor surfaces slippery, and when combined with detergents, the risk increases significantly. Engaging in DIY pressure washing in the rain jeopardizes your safety and that of others. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Speaking of risks, not all pressure washing equipment is created equal. We utilize top-of-the-line machinery specifically designed to withstand heavy exposure to water, ensuring its durability and functionality. Our highly skilled technicians are extensively trained to operate this equipment safely in all weather conditions. Attempting to use equipment not built to handle such exposure can result in permanent damage to the machinery and even pose the risk of electrocution for the operator.

At McFly Pressure Washing, safety matters. By relying on professional pressure washing services, you can have peace of mind knowing that experienced technicians with appropriate equipment are handling the task safely and effectively. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your well-being or the integrity of your equipment. Leave it to the professionals with the right tools and expertise to deliver exceptional results while always prioritizing safety.

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