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The look of your storefront is a deciding factor in attracting business. Aside from the apparent benefit of curb appeal, pressure washing serves another critical purpose: Grime, algae, mildew, mold, and other pollutants can build up and wreak havoc on the exterior surfaces of your place of business. Luckily, regular pressure washing can keep the damage and hazards at bay. Whether concrete, brick, or wood, McFly will clean your place of business and leave it as good as new. Contact McFly for an estimate and keep your customers and employees safe and happy.


  • Concrete Storefronts

    Concrete is a common material used for storefronts. It’s low cost, low maintenance, and durable. Nonetheless, it must be maintained in order to keep its color and total durability. McFly Pressure Washing will ensure your concrete storefront is at its best by removing stains, grime, moss, mold, mildew, and any other residue that threatens to depreciate it. The degreaser is used first to lift the stains, followed by the detergent being applied with low pressure, then rinsed with high pressure. We’ll also seal it for you to prevent future stains!

  • Wood and Fiber
    Cement Storefronts

    Despite the difference in these materials, the cleaning method for both is similar. Unlike vinyl, wood or fiber cement siding greatly benefits from inspection prior to pressure washing. Damaged areas like cracks, warping, or signs of rot should be hand washed only. This is followed by soft washing, which uses low pressure to ensure a thorough yet carefully-cleaned exterior surface.

  • Brick and Stone

    While a little moss may give brick or stone siding some character, it’s actually potentially damaging. As strong as this kind of siding is, it is still susceptible to wear and tear caused by stains, molding, mildew, moss, and grime. Debris can weaken the surface and in some major cases even release toxins into the air. And like with wood or fiber cement siding, brick or stone benefits from initial inspection followed by hand washing of damaged areas. Brick and stone also require lower pressure so as not to damage the surface.

Why McFly for your Storefront Cleaning?

When it comes to pressure washing, you must choose a company you can trust. Pressure washing when done by an amateur can be damaging to not only your exterior surfaces but to anything in the surrounding area! When you need this beneficial service, you need highly-trained professionals with experience and the very best equipment for the job.




We are committed to your happiness, with McFly you can enjoy benefits like…







Shaun Stewart
Shaun Stewart
17:13 31 Jan 24
Hayden did a knock up job on our historic house! Could not have been happier with the results and his customer service. He was super careful with our roses and other plants when he was working. Will definitely be using McFly again, without a doubt!!
Hayden Cox
Hayden Cox
19:13 22 Jan 24
McFly cleaned the sidewalks and vynil siding of my house. They were on time, professional and had great pricing. They did an amazing job and went above and beyond. I will definitely be using them again.
Bailey Clements
Bailey Clements
19:14 29 Nov 23
Professional work appreciated they could do the job the next day instead of having to wait! Highly recommend them my house looks great! Will definitely be a repeat customer.
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Frequently Asked Storefront Cleaning Questions

Though it is dependent on the specific surface, the average psi is anywhere from under 500 to over 3000. One way to tell if the pressure is too high is if you can’t place your hand in the stream, but with certain surfaces, this rule does not apply; stone, concrete, and brick, despite being such hard surfaces, need a lower psi and the cleaning solution is the dominant factor in the cleaning process.

The cost can vary depending on the storefront’s size, type, and conditions. The price can also be affected by the inclusion of other services.

Pressure washing is very beneficial to your storefront! The issues come from improper execution and application. What’s bad for a storefront is the misuse of pressure washing, which can damage your property.

Yes, we keep a history of services for every customer. If you schedule regular cleanings and want to change the list of services provided, contact us, and we will make the necessary changes as well as provide a new estimate. Bear in mind that even if the list of services does not change, it is possible for the price to change.

It is possible to add additional services during cleaning, but it depends on multiple factors. Our professionals can answer questions and provide an estimate, and if our schedule can accommodate it, we can perform the additional services on the same day. If not, available dates for scheduling will be provided.

It is possible to schedule a specific time and we will do our best to accommodate it, but it depends on the schedule. We will confirm our arrival window the day of so you know when to expect us.

Depending on the rain, certain services may be possible to perform. Our professionals will determine to need for rescheduling and notify you if it’s necessary. McFly puts the safety of its technicians and your property first.

When you know we’re coming, please make sure we have access to wherever you want us to clean. Remove obstructions and unlock gates or doors. Move anything you worry might be damaged just to be safe. If we have any issues, we will let you know.

McFly Pressure Washing is insured for everyone’s safety and the safety of your home.

McFly accepts cash, checks, and most major credit cards.

Credit card information on file is collected and stored in order to reserve your appointment. Payment is due upon completion.