Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Commercial Building?

Appearance is critical to your business, which is why your commercial business deserves all the attention it needs. But when you’re busy with projects and daily operations, when can you clean the building yourself? There are cleaning services for the interior that everyone agrees is necessary, but not everyone remembers to clean the outside. Here are the reasons why your commercial building needs regular pressure washing.


Curb Appeal

No one wants to enter a dirty, dingy, stained building. It’s normal to feel uneasy and wonder if the outside reflects the competency of the business. That feeling of unease is the last thing you want happening to customers. It’s the same as going to an interview: if you want to get hired, you don’t rely solely on your resume and charm to get the job; you shave and put on a suit.


Employee Satisfaction

Curb appeal affects employees as well. While unsightly buildup can drive customers away, it can create an unhealthy, unhappy environment. Morale can be lowered, and your employees could even suffer physically from the presence of pollutants. 


Pollutant Reduction

We think of pollutants as floating around in the air, but they easily stick to exterior surfaces and build up. If left unchecked, this can trigger allergies and even cause sickness. The buildup can also make its way into ventilation, causing more problems inside the building.



Pressure washing is about more than making the building look nice and keeping the air clean: it keeps it in good condition. All things that stain the exterior surfaces can cause damage, creating an unsightly workplace. Graffiti, mold, grime, and mildew can break down exterior surfaces over time, causing damage that can cost a lot to fix. Regular pressure washing means preventing the need for costly repairs in the future.


There are many important reasons to schedule regular pressure washing for your commercial building. Call McFly and get your business looking good as new!



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