How Do I Prepare My House For Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing professionals will do a lot to ensure they give your house a deep, thorough clean. They will take the time to scour away every stain, so your house is spotless. To provide the best start to a pressure-washing session, it is best to take certain steps to prepare your property for when they come for a cleaning. Whether you’re having your house pressure washed in preparation for painting or simply cleaning off all the dirt and grime, you should do a few things before the professionals show up.

  1. Move items
    • There could be several things in the area that may obstruct the exterior surfaces or be at risk of damage. Move ladders, benches, plants, toys, and lawn equipment out of the way to avoid tripping or other accidents. And even if you’re not also having your driveway pressure washed, it’s important to also move your car out to the street.
  2. Keep children and pets inside
    • A pressure washer could hurt anyone wandering the stream, even at a low PSI. Ensure your children are indoors and aware of the work being done outside. Pets should also be kept inside, with outdoor pets in the garage.
  3. Prevent electricity hazards
    • Cover all exposed outlets and put away extension cords. The water could encounter electricity, causing injury or property damage.
  4. Secure windows and doors
    • If the pressure washer makes contact with a slightly open window or door, water can very easily get through. It’s not just about whether they’re open or shut, either; it’s important to check the seals, door jambs, weather stripping, and whatever else contributes to the security of the windows and doors. Window screens should be removed prior to pressure washing if they aren’t fitting tightly. If they are secure, they can be pressure washed as well.

Taking these steps in preparation for a pressure washing will be a big help to you and the professionals coming to do the job.


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